Friday, January 16, 2009

More tramways and fog

More tramways and fog!


Petrus 12:00 AM  

I like this photo -good street scene ..

Anonymous 12:45 AM  

I like your photograph very much. It looks like a nice new and modern tram.

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Rosy 2:09 AM  

You have some nice shots here at your blog, I especially like at how the lights shoots into the fog on top of that building, those workers hands must be numb working in the snow like that. I also like what you did with that one tram photo using Photo Shop...looks almost like a heart.

This my first visit here.

Walker 5:21 AM  

Lovely picture, great capture.

Bibi 11:01 AM  

That's a spiffy looking tram, and appears to be not too full. Just the kind you want on a cold night.

Tash 4:49 PM  

The lighting and the perspective in the photoare amazing. Look at the bright colors of the tram and the women and then the light and the view fading into the distance...and the street lights make it a warm scene. Really excellent.

Anonymous 5:59 PM  

A misty, foggy and monochrome scene coloured by the bright coats and the happy streetcar! Very nice street scene, good snap.

Babooshka 6:05 PM  

Love the link haze. Cool scene in every way

Greyscale Territory 10:23 PM  

Beautiful colours in the foreground in contrast to the misty play of light in the background! Gorgeous!

Blogaire 2:07 AM  

Very nice photo's!

Juan Manuel 10:21 AM  

Hello, your photo is very beautiful. A tram over the snow: colours over white.

Liv 9:09 AM  

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