Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Feeling kind of uninspired

Eh, just the above-ground part of an underground parking garage.


Bibi 7:38 PM  

Maybe you're uninspired, but the photo done in this tones and with these lines is quite striking.

Greyscale Territory 10:37 PM  

What an amazing sense of hollow loneliness. The monochrome accentuates the feeling of being lost and fixed in time. Beautiful!

Anonymous 6:51 AM  

An interesting shot of somewhere exotic with a feeling of melancholy as viewed from this angle and in monochrome, yet all those windows are warm homes of folks living and loving.

Lara 7:56 AM  

it's ok to feel uninspired sometimes... but truth is the photo is great, and captures exactly the Belgrade atmosphere that I know and love...

Babooshka 12:30 PM  

Fabulous photography. Really nicely composed.


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