Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Foggy night, bulevar

We had a heatwave here with the temperature getting up to zero celsius (that's 32 F)! As a result of the shift in temperature we had some lovely fog tonight (lovely to walk in before the water that was on the ground froze again, and not so lovely to drive in). This is a building that has lights on it aimed at Saint Mark's church across the street. You could see their trail across the foggy sky. I took a picture or two of the church as well, but maybe everyone is a bit tired of seeing photos of the same old churches?


Anonymous 12:34 AM  

Wow, that's a great shot, if a little eerie - makes me think the building is some science fiction machine on the move!

Greyscale Territory 4:11 AM  

Amazing photo! Those beams of light look as if they are part of some mystery story! Fascinating!

Bibi 9:07 AM  

Thef first two commenters beat me to it. It looks mysterious and eerie, something out of Gotham City. Where's Batman?

vero 10:43 AM  

Great, beautiful effect.

Grammy 1:08 PM  

This is an awesome view. I am surprised that you can see so well with fog.

Tash 4:42 PM  

Fantastic photo, it's so unusual - the subject and the composition.
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