Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Happy Orthodox Christmas


Marie-Noyale 9:41 PM  

Oh Yes, I used to know that when I had some Greek friends ,but I had forgotten..
Happy Xmas then!

Hilda 12:09 AM  

Love that marble! The golden peach accents are very pretty too and break the monotony of the white. With an archway that big, the church must be huge!

Sandra 3:05 AM  

Voistinu,mir božiji!Marry Cristmas

Sandra 3:09 AM  

Oeps,sorry,I ment Christmas :o)

Anonymous 3:39 AM  

Happy Christmas to those that celebrate it now.

I used to tease a Greek Orthodox friend that it was clever to have Christmas after the sales have started!

I wonder if the brickwork above the door was once a stained glass window?

Bibi 9:07 AM  

Sorry---missed you yesterday! I really must get myself over to Sveti Sava....your shot is inviting....

Gaspar de Jesus 12:50 PM  

Much Obliged.
Merry Cristmas!
Happy New Year!
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