Tuesday, January 06, 2009

This is from last month

The usual place to enjoy a view, Kalemegdan Park.


Bibi 7:14 PM  

A photo full of expectancy, as if they're waiting for something to rise from the horizon....I've been watching too many sci-fi films!

Anonymous 10:54 PM  

Very nice and shot!


This is a spectacular image, The light is beautiful.

Grammy 3:59 AM  

I love this photo. Are they near a drop or over look. It looks like they could just fall. Amazing photo. I spent time here looking back through your posts. That are great photos. I was shocked with the car hit by the tram. Do people not know to park there?

Chuck Pefley 5:25 PM  

I like the soft light of this image very much!

mkhansen 8:02 PM  

Beautiful picture -- I can almost smell it. Alas, for me to enjoy that moody weather to the fullest, I would need to be alone.

Greyscale Territory 11:39 PM  

What a beautiful scene that seems to come alive with the glistening wet walkways! Lovely colour tones!

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