Sunday, February 15, 2009


There are icicles on one side of the trees on one side of the street. I was taking this picture today when a man walking by said, "That'll make a good picture!" Hey, thanks.


Jacob 9:30 PM  

And the man was right! It is a good picture!

Greg Dimitriadis 12:10 AM  

It is, in fact, an amazing picture!

Bibi 8:02 AM  

Absolutely right on! What unusual shapes---must have been formed when we had those recent winds.

And check my blog today for news of a different kind of ice, one for my daughter's ring finger....

Anonymous 4:59 PM  

Lucky you had the man to point it our to you, he he!

I love this.We had similar here, but I didn't get any useful pics.

Maki 1:39 AM  

Beautiful, thank you :o)

floreta 7:44 AM  

how cool! they look like hands.

Anonymous 11:12 AM  

I guess the wind deformed them into this shape. They all seem to be headed in the same direction. Nice photography.

Brookville Daily Photo

Jilly 10:35 AM  

How fabulous this is. What extraordinarily beautiful shapes and so effective against the wonderful old building. Beautiful photograph.

Greyscale Territory 1:23 PM  

This photo seems to capture and freeze the movement of wind! So very beautiful!

Mirjana 2:02 PM  

Great photo !! Love the contrast of ice and background!

Fantasticno :)

Bamby 11:21 PM  

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