Saturday, February 14, 2009

This should have been for Skywatch Friday

Right now we've got tons of snow so this picture doesn't show the current state of Belgrade, this was taken last week when we had a warm day and gorgeous skies.

This internet issue was a fiasco. First of all I'm a complete moron when it comes to internet connectivity because I've always had my brother to set everything up for me, but not anymore. Our internet provider kept telling us, "try this and call us tomorrow if it doesn't work (to supposedly give the modem time to reset I guess?" "we're sending a guy to you within 3 business days (weekend doesn't count)" and then tack another three days onto that. Finally two guys show up late one evening and after doing some stuff say, "Give the modem an hour and if it doesn't work take your modem in to exchange it, or even if it DOES work take it in" of course it doesn't work, we take it in when we can and then are told to wait another day for the internet company to somehow activate the modem on their end blah blah blah. Ohhh well. At least now it's pretty much working.


Greyscale Territory 9:35 AM  

Great to see you back online! I know what it's like! I had a computer meltdown several weeks ago and I'm still waiting for it to be repaired.

But on a happier note, your photo is stunning! Love the soft glow of the building walls against blue sky powdered with white cloud! Stunning!

Bibi 12:22 PM  

Glad you're back. Rule #1: Don't ever let a repairman out of your house until you're sure that whatever they've fixed is working! I too have learned the hard way...!

Greg Dimitriadis 1:05 PM  

That's an excellent photo. I love its sharpness, not a single pixel is over-exposed.

Anonymous 4:34 PM  

Grrrr, how frustrating! So happy you are now back in cyberspace and blogging again.

This looks like a nice park for the residents of those apartments and that sky is just wonderful.

floreta 7:45 AM  

wow this is beautiful. i love the perspective!

Lily Hydrangea 12:20 AM  

what a gorgeous skywatch-beautiful!

Tash 8:55 AM  

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